Terms of conditions

1. General & Scope The Ski school guest recognizes the following terms and conditions as a basis for claiming all services of the ski school Schermer. Of these terms and conditions - briefly called Conditions - deviating from or are supplementary agreements only valid if they are confirmed in writing by the ski school Schermer. If any provision of these GTC be invalid, it will affect neither the validity of the remaining provisions or the validity of the relationship itself.

2. Contract The presentation of our Skischulangebotes (website, brochure, etc.) is not a legally binding contract offer on our part and not committed to the provision of services. The praise of our offer is merely a non-binding invitation to (future) ski school guests to take advantage of our services and to provide appropriate reservation requests. Both reservation as well as booking site a contractual relationship between the ski school Schermer and the guest is only justified by the purchase and full payment of the appropriate course card. Reservation requests for private or group lessons can be sent by e-mail or telephone. Reservations are only valid with a reservation confirmation e-mail to be accepted. The nature and scope of the reserved services as well as any supplementary agreements, our written confirmation shall prevail. The exhibition of the course maps for pre-reserved services and their payment is carried out locally in our ski school office where the booking confirmation must be produced in printed form. Should not be a confirmation, the ski school Schermer to contract is not required. A reservation is forfeited if the Skischulgast the course booked tickets not redeemed and paid in full by the date specified in the confirmation time. Private ski lessons that are not paid in advance shall be deemed not fix posted.

3. Performance modalities Prices or price rates are determined in € and include sales tax. Misprint in the price schedule are reserved. Lift tickets are not included in our Skischultarifen and must be obtained from the ski course participants independently and in good time before the course begins. Children who were born after 01 January 2010, the mountain railway travel free and therefore do not require lift ticket. The price tickets are not transferable and entitle exclusively to those specifically identified and thus rightful owner to claim the corresponding price performance. Subject to certain exceptions agreements can rate cards are generally only used on consecutive days. up Reduces the size of the group with standard group courses to less than 4 participants, the ski school Schermer reserves the right to consolidate these. We also reserve in case of exceptional weather conditions and transport safety reasons to change course times and / or tariffs. In both cases the Skischulgast be no entitlement to reimbursement of payments already made. Only in the case of an utter rejection of a course event the ski school Schermer has to pay a prorated refund (to their calculation, see item 5). Further claims are not to Skischulgast. A group course for extension difference is only possible once. From the second extension, a buyer will be charged.

4. Participation conditions & obligations of Skischulgastes Skischulteilnehmer are obliged to educate the ski school Schermer truthful about their skills in skiing or snowboarding, their health, their physical abilities and any ailments and injuries. In addition, our guests have autonomously to wear for winter-proof ski clothing and a prior of ski or snowboarding equipment appropriate care. Anyway, we recommend our guests before the course professionally inspected pair of ski or snowboard binding to be carried out. In children or minors, these obligations apply to the age companion. The group allocation of our participants is made by the head of the ski school Schermer or by duly authorized employees. This shall also decide on a possibly necessary step in a group with a low level of performance. The student has to follow the instructions of the ski or snowboard instructor. Disregard the ski school Schermer is entitled to terminate the contractual relationship. Likewise, we authorized the course participation among drug or alcohol consumption to a denial of service or contract. In both cases there is no refund of already been achieved to pay for the Skischulgast.

5. Cancellation, Withdrawal & Refund Policy for booked group and private ski lessons are to give our office known by 18:00 the day before. Otherwise, the full amount will be charged according to booking. In case of cancellation during upright service or failure to appear at an agreed date a refund claim is excluded. If individual days or private lessons a confirmed reservation not use them, it reserves the ski school Schermer to provide the entire amount. A refund of the course fee or a part of it because of injury or illness is possible only with a doctor's certificate from a local doctor and on presentation of the course map. Fix booked private lessons can be returned to the condition even with injury or illness that us it arrives by 18:00 the day before the booked appointment note. Otherwise a refund with respect to private lessons is excluded. The amount to be reimbursed is obtained when group rate from the difference between paid and actually consumed power in accordance with our sliding scale model.

6. Liability Any our Skischulteilnehmer recommended to take an appropriate accident and liability insurance. The ski school Schermer liable to legal regulations in accordance solely for damages which were not caused directly by the action of Skischulbetriebes in grossly negligent or intentional way. All other liability for accidents before, during or occurring after the lessons is, we expressly rejected.

7. Warranty The Skischulgast has to give any complaints immediately to the instructors and the ski school on site known to possibly find a remedy. Claims for reduction of payment or partial refund of payments made in principle only exist in case of gross negligence caused and we attributable to service disruptions or agreement adversity. In addition to the immediate notification such claims within 4 weeks are making to their occurrence in writing to the School Schermer argued and justified.

8. Sigmund-Thun-Str. 18 5710 Kaprun

9. Choice of Law & Jurisdiction Solely Austrian provisions, substantive law. The decision on all disputes arising from this contract or out of power relationship that is exclusively responsible objectively at the headquarters of the ski school Schermer competent court.

10. Errors and omissions may occur.